Brigitte Sion

Brigitte Sion is an international expert in the fields of museums, memorials, and material heritage. She holds a Ph.D. in Performance Studies from New York University and is a consultant for the museum grants programme and other heritage initiatives at the Rothschild Foundation Europe, for which she conceived and developed the Judaica Index. She is also a member of the expert committee for the Memorial Museum of Terrorism presided by historian Henry Rousso. Brigitte Sion chairs the scientific board of the Mémorial d’Izieu and serves on the academic board of the Swiss maternity ward of Elne.

She is scientific advisor to historian Raphael Gross, who was appointed to conduct the review of the existing provenance research regarding the Emil G. Bührle collection exhibited at the Zurich Kunsthaus. She is a bilingual copywriter for various philanthropic and non-governmental organizations, after teaching in various universities for many years.

The author of numerous books, media articles, and academic publications, she also assists individuals who would like to record and put down in writing their memories, in order to share them with family and friends in an autobiographical book form. She lives in Geneva, Switzerland, where she lectures widely. Contact her here.   


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